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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Whats Crack'n Peoples!

WDF is going on these days!!!!!! Man I was talking to my homie Bam (follow her @bam2005)when she brought to my attention some gay ass niglets on youtube (Now I caution my Gee's these niggas on some real homo shit) with this new dance "Dick Slang" there are so many things wrong with this I don't even know where to begin. This is what makes you like Riley say "Nigga U Gay!"

Real Niggas Don't:

*Watch other homies swing their penis
*Licking Popsicles
*Put Draws up their ass for ANY REASON!!


It all started with Baby & Lil Wayne Kissing see "here" yes Lil Wayne is GAY "Nobody kiss my daddy but me" (& This is who they wanna be like?)WDF nah son YOU GAY!!!!! (Peep subliminal message "I'm going in and Imma go hard" guess they got Drake too rotf) I'm pissed out of all songs he could have showed me love he puts my signature "I'm So Official All I need Is The Whistle" on that one those in the industry knows whats up! (My Trademark) But Why That song I ask? Hymm... I have known Lil Wayne since Justo introduced me R.I.P but I still don't co-sign this type of behavior he's an amazing artist but it is what it is! (Met Drake too while up in T.O. in The Lair with Richie Sosa & Richie Rich shouts to Drags & Zale too!) Anywho back to the point at hand every since this Duggie dance and "skinny jeans" came out undercover brothers have been using these platforms to openly express there gayness!! Now to some of you youngsters it may just be a dance or a fashion statement but to everyday homosexuals its a "LIFESTYLE"!!!

Dig it 'Real & Chance" just look at em nuff said!! If them niglets woulda been out in hip hop in the 90's somebody would have been checked they ass! But we have came from real Gees to nipple rubbing booty poppin homos!!!!

Now I am NOT homophobic nor is this meant to disrespect homosexuals to each it's own but I'm talking about wanna bes who try to act like one but still try to be gangsta WDF? "THAT SHIT DON'T EVEN SOUND GOOD WHEN U TYPE IT!!!" How you gonna go to a club wearing skins tighter than Sha Nay Nay with a Bitch do and scarf and then try to mean mug CMON son I mean really?

When I seen both videos I had to stop them in midplay cats was doing wayyyyyy tooo much!!! Ladies I gotta ask you .....Is these niggas gay or what? Fellas feel free to give me feedback too (Doesn't make U Gay) cause I'm just saying when will we bring back real Gees I miss "Fat Joes" Lean Back a real "G's" song what's NEXT I'm scarred to even see these days watch some nigga come out with rub ya nippples if they haven't came out with it yet!

Ladies & Gents Cast Your VOTE Now Yay Or NAY! *CAST YOUR VOTE!*


Teressa said...

I think it has always been a around its just that with social media and the access to vehicles like youtube and blogs it is more visual. The Thugs aspect isn't new its just more honest then back in the day. We have always had homosexual thugs, being gay doesn't make you soft they are still MEN. Gangs in California were prevalent in the lifestyle back in the 80's. The stereotype of a man in a dress was the visual but it was not the only TRUTH. As a black Woman I prefer all Men that are gay regardless of Thug or Queen present themselves as they are so we don't have to worry about the Undercover Brother. it is only Fair and it could help save some of our Sstahs lives.

Wayne Royale said...

Yeah, I'm not feelin the skinny jeans or the lame ass dances. I agree with you 100%. It's just like young people are not being original and having the own mind. They see these videos on YouTube, Lil Wayne (or their favorite rapper) talkin about it's ok to kiss men, wear skinny jeans or do these lame ass dances like the Stanky Leg. And then these dudes have the nerve to mean mug. There's def something wrong with that. And I think they should keep it real so if you're gonna be gay then be gay but don't be doing all this talkin about you straight and all that. And the downlow dudes need to stop being in the closet and come clean b/c they're leading the women they're with to believe they're straight & they're spreading AIDS, HIV, & all these STDs. Something def needs to change with that.

Anonymous said...

Well it been around a long time & some great djs/entertainers/owners/ectera have been gay. But u gotta know yourself,& what are your preferences!... The problem is that if u'r not but certain things about u point in that direction,u get into all kinds off trouble.What irks me is that what is macho & black has surrendered to this filtering into our "bloodpool" of socially accepted ways. We would always show the GAY that u can be gay..but u come wrong to a straight man and u are beat days that's wrong!- So while we're fighting about that your real enemy is poisioning u'r water & getting away with it & many more things.NUFF SAID

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