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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hey Peoples!

After a discussion with my homie "DJ Desirez" I have to pose the question "Are Our Industry Women Promoting Being A Jump Off?" It is no secret that ms "Erykah Badu" has 3 kids by 3 different baby daddies and they all happen to be MC's now in the normal world we think twice about a woman who does this and question her ethics but when it comes to women in the industry we seem to give them a pass!

Exhibit A: Kim Kardashian, Karrine Steffans, Lil Kim, Trina etc..

Yaw know dayum well if these women was regular people their label would be hoes but we seem to let triflen behavior slide when it comes to people in the industry!

Exhibit B: R Kelly, Ray J, Lil Wayne Etc..

This ish is crazy!  Am I in another dimension?  Whycome we excuse BS when a person have a talent? (And NO I AM not HATING JUST SPEAKING THE TRUTH!)  I am NOT gonna front I love R Kellys music but MOST DEF have a different opinion of him and don't follow him as much every since I seen him piss on that little girl. (I know I know most of you will prob be like that girl wasn't innocent!) But dig this if that was your daughter, niece or sister your opinion would be slightly different ...wouldn't it!    Also lets not forget he was open about his raping when he was 35 on BET talking about him Aaliyah just got married *Nigga Please!!!*   We also gave Lil Wayne a pass for kissing baby in the mouth on BET's 106 & Park and to top it off he even said the only one kissing baby will be me "Now if that aint the gayest shit I ever Heard I don't know what is!!!!!!!!!Once again that's that selective BS!

But back to the story at hand "Erykah Badu" even went as far as to compare her sexcapades like a puff puff pass scenario you don't beleive me see "HERE" these individuals ain't stupid and know sex sells! (After reviewing that makes you take a window seat on her nude stroll in her video and recent baby with Jay Electronica hymm was it a publicity stunt they pulled for both parties careers?) Give me feedback below!

Now my next example of triflen ish is Ms "Alicia Keys" and Mr "Swizz Beats" wasn't the brother still married? Also didn't they say that they waited until the divorce well its been only 3 months he's been divorced and yet she's six months pregnant how is that possible? I smell *COUGH* Bullsh@t!  Anywho this is supposed to be another industry golden girl but its nothing to see all these jump-offs keep surfacing. But GOD don't like ugly and "Alicia" if that negro cheated on his wife with you what made you think it was NOT gonna happen to YOU! YUP YOU GUESSED IT, IT DONE ALREADY HAPPENED SEE HERE. Now if I hear another woman talk about Its men who are the ones who cheat I have to pose the question who in the world are they cheating with? ........OTHER WOMEN!!!!!!!!!

So let's keep it real stop finger pointing and stop following and endorsing wack behavior then complain when it happens to us thats that Bobby Boshay!

It's Official on BS I blows the whistle!
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

Do you think Erykah Badu's Video "Window Seat" was a form of Artistic Expression or Publicity Stunt?

Yes Definately!
Don't Care!

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