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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Whats Crack'n Peoples1

Cat's always contacting me asking about all types of questions some for business some personal but all calling for advice. Now recently I have been getting a little overwhelmed with relationship questions and to be more specific questions regarding love. Why doesn't he/she love me? Why can't men or women fall in love? Does true love? Etc Etc.. Let's lets take a step back and define "LOVE", for some its physical how he or she looks or how good the sex is or its status how much he or she makes, what type of car they have or what they have bought you (These people usually either been abused as a child or have some serious emotional scars that will never be enough until they come to terms with themselves). For others its Control based off how they cater to them and how they can control that persons life (these people are usually very jealous and insecure)and the worse is the ones who thrive off of hurt and pain domestic abuse or mental abuse

They don't feel that person loves them unless they hit or mistreat them. These people usually make excuses for their counterpart saying things like "he or she didn't mean it! he/she was having a bad day" blah blah blah *yeah right!!!!!!* Now if your relationship fall under ANY of these categories "YOU ARE NOT EXPERIENCING LOVE RIGHT NOW!"

True Love Isn't:

*Spiteful or Revengeful
*Unmerciful or Uncaring
*Non Emotional

....If your relationship is defined by the list above I suggest you find another mate! The only reason I can sit and tell you all of this was I had true love but "I WASN'T READY" and I let a great woman walk out my life. We all have made mistakes but finding that diamond is rare now there is different types of love:

*Relationship Love - Boyfriend/Girlfriend
*Mate Love - Husband/Wife
*Buddy Love - Friendship
*Work Love - Occupation
*Material Love- Cars or Possessions
*Humanity Love - Caring for people from all walks of life

Now the funny thing is sometime people get these things mixed up! Crazy huh, But 100% true I've seen it all the time. Also people just misuse the word love it's thrown around like a common catch phrase I love U yeah I love you too (But Do You Really?) It's like "I'll a super size fries with that order and oh yeah".... "I love You!" We really are mixed up today because love don't hurt or is vengeful and this is the era of Drive threw relationships no more of ones like our grandparents who been together for 50-60+ years (Now that's True Love!)

We have to get it together people I'm so tired of these conditional love terms she better do this or he better have that when 1/2 the time the person demanding don't have his or her shit together (HELLO!) You should be asking GOD for someone to put up with your ass and who understands you and your ways and loves you for YOU! Not your ASS and definitely not your CASH! You should be praying for GOD to send your perfect mate because he knows everything about you .....Yes even your skeletons and for some "YOUR GRAVEYARDS" LOL

Any who I want you to take a good look in the mirror before you pass judgement on your mate or someone else reflect on yourself see and see just where your at. Also stop going into relationships trying to change that person either love them for themselves or STEP!! It's just that simple! Niggas stop trying to turn strippers to Bettye Crockers you knew her ass couldn't cook when you met her nor was she a stay at home mom. Sisters stop trying to turn Tyrone to Denzel you knew he was broke or a hustler before you tried to make him your baby's daddy!!! This Bobby Bo shay (BS) needs to stop!...and for you dis functional muthafuckers pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee for the love of anything good & decent STOP PROCREATING CONDOMS ARE FREE NIGLETS!!!!!!!!!

With that said I'm done! If you would like to discuss this with me I'll be live on the air with my partner Nexplicable P tonights topic "Does Love Exist" tune in tonight at 10:00pm sharp!

Until Later Be Blessed and If you smell sh@t you may be the one stinking! (Hello!!)

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