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Monday, July 19, 2010


Naturally talented is the best way to describe Skyz Muzik aka Walter Ray Brown for at an early age he was destine to be involved in music. Born in Jamaica, he was influenced by his surroundings and when he turned just 4 years old his Uncle purchased a keyboard for him and Skyz took to it immediately. But island life would be short lived as Skyz moved with his family to New York due to his father’s work. Recognizing his abilities, his Mother enrolled him into the Belle Music School in Yonkers, New York to further develop his talent. There he would learn music theory and embarked on learning as many instruments as possible, from the piano to the saxophone and the drums to name a few. After completing his schooling at age 13 Skyz wanted more private piano lessons, which he took for another 3 years. All throughout school, listening to numerous artists such a Gospel pianist Kevin Bond and Super Producer Dave Hall, Skyz began to develop his own musical style.

His life would take another turn as he entered college on the request of his family to build a solid career path. After achieving a degree in Administrative Law and Advertising, Skyz’ heart was still set on pursuing music. Breaking the news to his parents that music was his passion, he set out to start producing tracks and caught the attention of the Trakdealaz, a group of producers signed to Diplomatic/Rocafella Records. It was here that Skyz discovered his true love for music and submerged himself completely into learning everything he could about producing and making incredible music. Soon artists were clamoring for his tracks and these included Juelz Santana, Lil Wayne, Keri Hilson, Hell Rell, Cory Gunz and J.R. Writer, etc.

After his contract with Trakdealaz concluded, Skyz decided not to renew his deal due to differences of opinions on how to handle the business dealings. So he set off to make his own path in the industry and a chance meeting with Kabar Brown, Marketing Executive of Island Def Jam would completely change everything. Seeing Skyz talent and skills behind the boards as well as his ear for music, they offered him a position as A&R with Famous Republic Music Group, an independent label under Def Jam Recordings. Within a short time he was promoted from Senior Director of A&R to Executive VP A&R of the label.

Working non-stop, juggling his A&R position and producing unprecedented music for major artists worldwide, the future looks very bright for Skyz. He has formed his own production company WRSB and is now represented by the notable management and public relations firm Tsunami Group Inc. Currently Skyz is busy in the studio working with International DJ, Roxxi and the two are collaborating on a dance track featuring a new up and coming artist Chanelle Ray to be release in early Summer of 2010. He is also working on 4 albums for major R&B, Hip Hop and Pop artists. Able to create music for any genre, Skyz only sees the sky as the limit.

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