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Thursday, May 13, 2010



What's Crack'n People!

This has been a crazy year haven't we learned anything from 911 Racism begets more racism! I'm ashamed when I hear minorities being racist because G your a "MINORITY ASSHOLE!" did the Jews forget about the Holocaust, Blacks Slavery, etc etc.. How dare we turn around and do the same thing. I'm shocked how any one who had families or been a victim of racism commit the same crime (That just doesn't make sense). Some of us keep blaming races for the poverty and warfare for the economic challenges we face as a country but have we looked at the billions of dollars we spend on war and unnecessary ish? Right my bag Im talking out of line because I'm an American I am proud to be one but lately not proud how America takes care of its own see the thousands of veterans who can't even get proper health care go to a shelter I dare you and speak to at least 5 people I promise you 1 or 2 out of that 5 will be a US vet.

We don't have money for schools or health insurance yet we got billions to bail out banks who are misusing our money for hookers see "don't believe me just see here" and we are flipping the bill? WDF it's like I said pure f@ckery at its best!!!! I can go on & on but the point is its NOT the Mexicans its us!!!!!! No race is solely responsible for an economic situation of an entire country. Also last time I checked wasn't this America home of the FREE and brave and wasn't this country founded off the native? Hmmm maybe I skipped a class any-who people stop blaming and pointing fingers because when you point one finger four is pointed back at you!!!!

This Sh@t is getting out of hand (See Here)

Any-who "Check out my Radio Show where this was a serious topic and some real talk was going on addressing the outcome of the bill" Be blessed and have a great week!

Your Boy Boyee
"Cool v"
The Industry Insomniac!

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