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Thursday, May 27, 2010


What's Crackn!

Peace to all the KINGS & QUEENS in the universe! 1st I'd like to say what ever happened to belief? In today's society we believe in "EVERYTHING negative way faster than we believe in anything positive for example we have trouble believing in peace, unity, love, compassion & understanding etc.. I would like you men to start believing in "Your WOMAN" and women please start believing in "YOUR MAN" It's high time we put this stupidity to rest. Because right now we are living in turbulent times as you see so many natural disasters occurring so many people dying what this world truly needs now is LOVE!

It all starts at home 1st we have to begin with our mates and loved ones its like they say charity starts at home and so do love! But it seems hatred, ignorance, deception, lies are all taught processes a child is pure and innocent and learns behavior patterns good or bad. It is high time we stop believing

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