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Friday, November 27, 2009


Is this what's Poppin? Is This What We Teaching Our Kids? Also when did Wayne Become Too Big for The Media or Dj's? (Where was I at when that memo was written?)

What's Crack'n Peoples!

Some may see this video as dayum that's G others very disturbing depending on how life is going for you and how you was raised. I promise you this it's NOT shocking but more typical than you know these days have we love our minds? It's a shame when we look as rape as cool on ANY count! I employ you to NOT give in to society coolness because that's a on-going path of destruction which has lead to AIDS, Death, Teenage pregnancy, rascism etc.. USE YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!

It is NOT about being part of the crowd rather being a leader. It's high time we start using our heads and not letting others think for you. Time is nothing but the past recycled and revamped and if don't learn from it our future does NOT look to bright. It's high time we change the game and refuse the "What's In" bullshit and start thinking about changing our future.

1.) I have learned some very valuable lessons this year one is that NEVER move with the crowd set your own pace. 2.) Let others follow while you lead by example. 3.) Don't be afraid to set your own trend.

That's what's up wishing you and yours the best today and "EVERYDAY" and move with a purpose.

Be Blessed
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

I'm on live Tonight on the "Foreal Fridays Show" @ 8pm Call in (646) 595-4351or log on and listen "Here" Its Going Down

Tonight's Topics:

*Skinny Jeans - Hate Them Or Love Them
*Lil Wayne - Is it Cool For Young Men to be Rapped?
*Why are we following dumb trends?
*Are no longer supporting Obama?
*When did we allow our children to become porno stars?
*Should whooping ass become legal?
*Has Obama changed the way we see race or is still it the same?

Also join me next Wednesday for Wild Wednesday with old school legend "Schooly D"

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