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Thursday, November 26, 2009

NEW MUSIC - BIG CAS - "HEAVENS GIRL" (Shaniya Davis RIP Tribute) (Prod. by Big Cas

"Shaniya Davis" - This Child Was Precious!!!

Somehow I Don't seem convinced that he really gave a dayum but thats just me let me know IF u AGREE?

First In Flight Presents a Tribute song to Shaniya Davis written and produced by Big Cas. For those who have been watching the news over the past week should know that Shaniya Davis from Fayetteville, NC was abducted and her body was found dead today. She is from the same city as Big Cas, so he felt this situation deserved a tribute in memory of 5yr old Shaniya Davis.

ABC World News Link on Shaniya Davis: "HERE"

Big Cas - Heaven's Girl (Shaniya Davis RIP Tribute)(Prod. by Big Cas) ShaniyaDavis

This song is deep mad respect I salute you G for making this joint!

Mike Hustle

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