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Friday, November 6, 2009



Shake da Mayor's Information Station: Town Thizness CEO/Manager Stretch gives artists step by step instructions on how to win PA from In Yo FACE Filmworks on Vimeo.

What's Crack'n Peoples!

This is some real talk I love the points my "Mr Fabs" manager "Shakes" and "Stretch" drops some serious jewels that I have been saying for some time "THANKS FOR CO-SIGNING WHAT I BEEN SAYING MY G'S"! (God is Good!!!) I just got threw telling people how important it is to stay visible, Stay humble, Don't Burn Bridges and change your grind if what your doing is NOT working!!!

In this digital age you have to remember that perception is "EVERYTHING" so be careful how people perceive you and the best way to get this across is by showing love staying on your grind and watching the company you keep. What do I mean? I mean this....... "DO NOT HANG AROUND YES MEN!!!!" or people you know are just along for the ride hang around people who are gonna tell you when your out of line or when your shit sucks!!! (Period!) Because if they won't believe me the critics & bloggers will (Trust That) It's impossible to please everyone so stay in your lane and be true to that audience that supports you.

Don't worry about pleasing those people who DON'T come to see you rather love those people that do! For example: "TECH9" or "Insane Clown Posse" to very hot groups both with a very large and loyal fan base. Why and how have they accumulated these fans threw hard work, staying loyal to them and staying in their lane and being consistent. Don't try to gain a new fan base by loosing your old fan base if they fell in love with you for one reason don't immediately do the monkey see & monkey do act this is what killed 1/2 of 50 Cent's crowd. (Notice he's went back to his original formula on this new mixtape) It's great to try new things and experiment but in all you do "JUST BE YOU!!!!!" 1st Love What You Do!, Stay focused, Stay humble and as all ways "PG1 - Put God First" (And Mean IT!) and....."EACH ONE TEACH ONE" Don't complain about the game if your NOT trying to help it.

With that said I love yaw be good have a great weekend and God Bless!!!!!

Ya Boy Boyee

"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

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