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Friday, October 2, 2009



Whats' Poppin Peoples!

This amazing singer was brought to my attention a few years ago threw the eyes and ears of my boy & famous Canadian producer "YNOT" the head of "Sound Smith Productions" the hot producer crew from Toronto who has produced numerous hits from "Tha Lab".(Including Drake) Also my homie and famed photographer "Richie Rich" who told me about this singer with mad skills. After my 1st listen I knew this girl was destined for fame. I reached out to her and the rest is history!

Since then she as been signed to Fox Productions (Jamie Fox) see below and have written songs for several artists with her partner and hot writing team "THE WRITE CHIX". This momma has "GOT NEXT" trust me when I tell you she's gonna blow!!

Just take a look at her video and also a listen to her music and you'll understand why I say my girl "Jazzy" is "Rated Next"!

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

Here"s The Story:

Have you heard of Jazzy? Probably not, that's why I'm here to put you up on some great artist who really deserve to make it in the music business and are sadly slept on. So let me introduce you to SO JAZZY -A Smooth, sultry sound with beautiful lyrics and enchanting melodies best describes this young woman -Singing since the tender age of two, Jazzy says she knew that this was what she always wanted to do.

While performing as a featured member of the choir in church and school did nothing more than fuel her dream and make Jazzy want to work harder for that dream. At the age of 13 she began writing songs and recording them on her grandmother‘s tape player, not knowing these would be the first steps towards becoming the talented songwriter that she is.

At the age of 16 she had been in and out of groups, worked with several local producers, and artists, as well as being told that she had —“it“.By 2005, Jazzy superior professionalism & dedication to her craft paid off as word of her talents spread through Southern California‘s music scene, capturing the attention of some of the premier, up and coming producers and artist in the music industry. Currently she is 1/2 of the highly talented female writing team "The Write Chix", the other half being her writing partner, friend, and vocal producer Bobbie Cheri a.k.a. "Red". They have recently signed to the MEGA entertainer Jamie Foxx's publishing company, Foxx King Music.

While the Write Chix have been working on numerous upcoming major projects for other artists, they have also been working on Jazzy's album, entitled “Oh Jazzy”, which was released independently on November 14th 2006 . Her single “In Love” has been featured on the popular radio personality, PJ Butta's, website, The song quickly became one of the most listened too and highest rated in the category. Jazzy has also been featured on numerous websites like,,,,, and Her online presence is growing each day, with an average of 3000 hits to her website, each week. In the mean time you can catch Jazzy performing at California hot spots like the Temple Bar in Santa Monica, as well as various artist showcase .

She recently has been featured on the LIVE online music show, “The All Star Break” on, which is broadcasted LIVE to over 35 countries. Jazzy continually performs throughout Southern/Northern California at various venues and industry events expanding her fan base with every stage she graces. The future is bright for this singer/songwriter! (SOURCE-CDBABY.COM)

Oh Jazzy EP. The Full Album In Order

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