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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


What's Crackn Peoples!

I have to inform you about a "EXCELLENT BOOK" my homie "Angela Showers" just wrote. 1st let me tell you about the person behind the book. This "DIVA" is a true Hustler!!! I mean she gets it in from her Heath & Wellness office to her Life Coaching, Motivational conference calls, Her many websites, Her speaking engagements and she is also a mother! I forgot to mention the many organizations she volunteers for including "Oporation We Care" this woman is extremely busy. Her book was so highly anticipated that it sold out within ONE DAY! "WOW" Incredible!!!!

But what is most remarkable about Angela is her "KIND HEART" she grew up in of course a dysfunctional household like most of us (Even tho most of us are too ashamed to admit it) and she took her tragedies and turn them into a positive mission to help others. "For much is Given ... Much is Required" (See The Bible)she have taken her life experiences and combined them with great quotes and bible scriptures to help you get threw whatever it is your going threw. (Don't worry she doesn't get preachy)

Her motto is "NO-EXCUSES" what's funny is now Master P has a show about the same thing. "WOW" her but tells you NOT to limit yourself and when you get lemons to make lemonade. In days like this we need serious positive motivation & real inspiration to keep us informed that there truly is light at the end of the tunnel. Like the Secret and other great books written before all emphasize that what you think becomes your reality. (So True) SO THINK BIG!!!!!!!!

You can also check her out on this past Mondays "Money & Music Show" see

It's available at and other outlets coming soon.

For more information, Bookings ETC..

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