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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


What's Crackn Peoples!

Check out this hot new R&B heat that I ran into on twitter momma can sing and her music is nice too enjoy!

With a growing fan base in her hometown of Naples, Florida the Haitian born songstress Cherismé (Pronounced Chair Is May) is exploding onto the R&B scene. Her lyrical capabilities and vocal range are complimented with soul stimulating rhythms infused with her Caribbean background. Cherismé was born in Newark, NJ, but grew up in Napes, FL after her mother decided to move the family down South to live a better life. As a child, Cherismé was brought up in a church oriented family. The church is where she began to sing and realize that she was born with a God given talent. At the age of 10 she began reading and writing in English, Creole and French. After receiving positive feedback about the poems that she wrote in English, she decided to convert them to songs. The responses that she received from family and friends from writing as well as singing in the church inspired her to pursue a career as a singer.

While perfecting her craft and finding her niche, Cherismé integrates her Haitian roots and musical culture into her music. She’s an R&B singer first and foremost, but using Calypso, Soca, and other forms of Caribbean sounds into her music is important to her as she presents her own inimitable style. “I don’t want to just subject and limit myself to just a certain type of music. I use both or sometimes do either or to show people what I can do” explains Cherismé". She also decided to use her last name as her stage name because she felt that it represented her culture and who she is trying to depict herself as to the world as, which is a unique and well rounded artist.

“Fly Mamita” the energetic lead single from Cherismé is rapidly being placed into rotation on college radio stations and mix shows around the country. The song describes the woman that men want and that women want to be. The track proclaims a “Fly Mamita” as an “Independent, classy, sexy, sophisticated woman holding down her own.” And Cherismé knows exactly how to live up to the definition.

Cherismé is determined to prove herself as a multi-dimensional gem; she not only sings but writes all of her own material. The motivation behind her pen comes from the heartache and struggle of growing up in a single-family home. The good as well as the bad experiences provide her with inspiration.

As “Fly Mamita” gains momentum on the airwaves, Cherismé will be performing at various venues throughout the country including Miami, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. With a stage performance filled with energy and excitement, seeing her perform is not something you want to miss.

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