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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


CHAOS - "Prayer Changes Thangs"

(Choas writes)..GOD is tooooooooooo good not to give HIM credit or even acknowledge HIM. No matter how much we tend to think it was our talent, money, or its about who we know that made us who we are...its disrespectful to even think GOD didn't have anything to do with our success, survival or blessings. Give GOD his credit. If your to busy for GOD, then your way too busy & imagine if GOD was too busy to answer your prayers, or hear you when you was sick or broke.

The song enclosed in this email isn't some sort of publicity move or some single i even need djs to play, but a song that's my actual testimony & a wake up call to those that might have forgotten the most unforgettable, GOD. The music will explain what i mean...and remember that "Prayer Changes Thangs", GOD bless.

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