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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Witness the Rise, The #BlackSpanishRockstar @YoungInvent

LA's Gentleman Entrepreneur has been putting in work, from dropping new Music, Show performances, to breaking New Brands. So maybe you have seen him in your neighborhood, and when i say your neighborhood, that can be anywhere in the US to UK, as his FansintheK's are Global. Being from LA, the Superstar is of no other taking his talent to the ends of the earth on his ongoing #GentlemanOnlyTour since 2012. This Black Spanish Rock Star is on the Rise and the industry is revealing the talent! This months issue of XXL features the Black Spanish Rock Star, and today his Single Release "The Beginning" dropped on @Thisis50. Oh and not to mention he is nominated for Best Pop Artist & Male Hip-Hop Artist of the 2016 Juzz Roc The Mic Awards and will be performing live at the Award show November 3rd in Manhattan, NY.

@YoungInvent is launching his #PinkKisses Tour this Fall! Keep a look out for his visit to your local town, city, Country, first stop Jamaica man!!! ;) We will be Posting #YoungInvent #PinkKisses #ChampaignPartyTour updates Soon!

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