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Sunday, October 2, 2016

@RevaDevito knows what's on the #Move! #NewMusicFeature #MROW #Chartbangers

Portland, Oregon songstress teams up for a sophomore EP effort with Toronto producer Kaytranada for first single "Move". The song has a bouncy beat from the start and Reva's vocals are mesmerizing on the track. Previously Reva and Kaytranada came together for a collaboration on her track, "Friday Night". They are another dope pairing just like Jay Z over a Pharrell beat or Justin Timberlake with Timbaland. Featured production for Reva's new "Move EP" includes as we mentioned before by Kaytranada, TEK.LUN, Birthday Boy and more. For promotional use only.

Please CHECK HERE for more if you are interested in getting Reva's new EP. Big shouts to HW&W Recordings. For more follow Reva here on FB, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & SOUNDCLOUD.

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