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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

History was made! First ever @HamptonComicon happened this year! Shouts to @AstroPunkComic @Tuartstudio and @jimbernheimer

This October 15th, Saturday, we got to see Batmen, Jokers, Spidermen, Captain Americas, Harley Quinns and any comic book character cosplayers you can imagine come out to the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, VA. The event is the sister/brother event to Virginia Beach's Tidewater Comicon. This event marks my third Comicon. The admission was cheaply priced but for their first event there was an awesome turnout there at the convention center. I met local Astro Punk writers and creators Ken Centers and Rob Farinholt, artist Tu-Kwon Thomas, and writer Jim Bernheimer.

Astropunk is brought to you by the creator/writer team of Rob Farinholt and Kenneth Centers. They drew inspiration from sci-fi magazines and noir detective stories, as well as characters, authors, and films of the genre, Rob and Ken have crafted a story that is both familiar and altogether new. Paul Gori, brings his talent to the page with his clean, yet stylized pencils and inks, that show off his flair for anime and western comics alike.
Follow Rob & Ken's AstroPunk series at

If you would like to support their book then click HERE

Also check out Tu-Kwon Thomas here on his Facebook page: Twitter: @tuartstudio Instagram: @tthomas316 His website:

For more info check out Jim Bernheimer at
Jim's Facebook page at:
Follow him on Twitter @jimbernheimer


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