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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Move your body to Cristino's Puro Movimiento #LatinMix #MusicMonday a #RNRN #Mixtape | @cdog325 t @cdogshouseparty

We bring you one of our very own, one of industries finest DJ"s, and our #1 Latin DJ Vet on the Mix with this weeks #MusicMondayMixtape "Puro Movimiento" Vol 1. Nothing but total fire, to make you move your body to the hottest New Latin Music. Get ready for Pure Movement and get #LIT! Cristino aka CDog will be dropping New Heat weekly, so make sure to stay tuned in for Much more!!! Follow #RatedNextRadio's DJ CDog t @cdogshouseparty soundcloud @cdog325 youtube @houseparty325 vine @cdogshouseparty facebook @cdog325

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