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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

Whats up people I know you probably love Teedra Moses like I do and is like whats up with my girl I haven't seen or heard much from her lately?  Well as you see above she dropped a video from her new project feat "Wale" but I know your still like ...Why has she NOT gotten the right coverage or exposure She rightfully deserves? Shrugs shoulders it beats the hell out of me. I have said it before and I'll say it again Teedra is one of the most slept on artists in R&B today!

It's crazy her singing is tight, she has dope lyrics and her production ("Forget About It" -Said with an Italian accent) lets face it she is pure dopeness in the video above you see her at performing live at the Essence Music Festival also you see her giving you a brief interview where she talks about her music and why isn't there being music made for more mature women, God and her gift of music (Dope Interview See Above).  Although we may not have seen her she's actually been quite busy just signed a deal with Maybach Music been on several Hip-Hop projects including a banger from "Torch" *SEE HERE*  (Why they didn't shot a video for this I'll never know) she also just open her viral store also headed overseas next month so in short she's putting in work!

I been blew the whistle "Teedra Moses" been official check out more from her at her official website: See Here


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