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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Cover Art By @MarqMoz

Whats Crack'n People!
GhostWridah release Downtown Lights 2.0 (Remastered) which features new music, better quality audio and a documentary which will be released this afternoon. "We felt it was a necessity to enhance the listening experience for those who enjoy our music. There are a few added gems to the project, hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. Hip hop continues... Be on the look out for visuals from Downtown Lights this coming august." -Wridah

1. Charlamagne Tha God [Intro]
2. Lights (feat. Earthtones) [Prod by Stroud]
3. Touch Down (Man Of The Year) [Prod by Freeway TJay]
4. Look What I'm Becoming (Brief Intermission) [Prod by Lowkey]
5. Heart Of The City (feat. Brisco, Billy Blue and Nehemie)[Prod by The Inkredibles]
6. Die [Prod by J Rock]
7. I'm On [Prod by Lowkey]
8. Smoke It All Away (feat. Stoney)[Prod by Cozmo]
9. Talk My Shit [Prod by Phoenix Of TSK]
10. I Get It (feat. Brisco) [Prod by Lowkey]
11. Father Forgive Em (feat. Billy Blue) [Prod by Smash]
12. Lost & Found (feat. Jase) [Prod by Freeway TJay]
13. Eyes Closed [Prod by Cameron Wallace]
14. YBA (feat. Nehemie) [Prod by Freeway TJay]
15. Skittles And Iced Tea (feat. Nehemie) [Prod by DJ Relly Rell)

Executive Produced by Troy "GhostWridah" Jeffery For L.Y.F.E Music Recordings, Inc 
Recorded & Engineered By Nick Fury, Anthony "Asap" Johnson, Midi Lord, and Those One Two Kats
Mastered By Midi Lord 



GhostWridah teams up with his Reel L.Y.F.E Creativity brand to bring you The Road To Downtown Lights (Docmentary). This gives you an inside look at GhostWridah and his journey to the Downtown Lights, why he chose the title, and more. Plus an exclusive interview with his father, former running back and 2x Super Bowl champion, Mercury Morris.

Credits: Shot by Michael Toledo & Joe Rivera For Reel L.Y.F.E. Creativity 
Directed by Michael Toledo, Joe Rivera, & GhostWridah For Reel L.Y.F.E. Creativity


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