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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Attention People!

What's Crack'n people I always come threw to educate you about what's going on in the community and today I come to inform you of an epidemic that we are slowly forgetting about. A.I.D.S - Is very much alive & Real! We have to stop dealing with it like its the common cold and since this nation cares more about making cash then curing people of illnesses you have to protect yourself.

This Video was brought to my attention by (DJ DESIREZ) Who informed me of a predator who should be serving life who is about to be released. WIVB TV of Western NY released a shocking video on YouTube that shows a convict who is not only NOT sorry for spreading A.I.D.S to over 13 women but also raped a 13 child in the process but have the nerve to be married and states he will still do it again. He also threw his blood and other body fluids on other prisoners to get them infected as well. Whats even more shocking is his families behavior and what came out of one of their mouths while leaving the courtroom. In the video above one even goes as far to say "I don't know why yaw keeping him what about the other people out with A.I.D.S?" It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see his family has some real deep rooted issues.

If they can sit there with no remorse and know that he will KILL again and still support him there is a problem. Now it's NOT just about Nushawn Williams' prison sentence or about how New York State wants to find another way to keep him behind bars permanently. But about how we have become immune to caring about other victims in society this is NOT the only thing we turn a blind eye to. We perpetuate this threw NOT speaking up against unprotected sex. We also encourage sex at an early age and also unprotected sex before marriage which doesn't just result in S.T.D'S But bastard & neglected kids. This also effects the economy. It's unfair that we take care of situations like the women who Octuplet mother (See HERE)This just proved our society is going crazy what I think is crazy is how we looked at this as entertainment.

How can she afford to have nannies I agree with "Whoopie Goldberg" It doesn't just effect the the parent but society when you do not have the adequate funds to raise the kids your making. NOTE TO OUR DEADBEAT MOTHERS & DADS: If you like the sensation of NOT choosing protection you should be forced to have a hysterectomy. Also did you hear her even said she had time to write a book and workout with 14 kids "How Is That Possible?" This is crazy!!! The doctor should serve life for this BS! Notice you never here much from him or his legal status. There should be a fine for men & women who create kids and abandon them if you do the crime then you should do time period I guarantee this will happen less. I think the problem is most of these people need help!!!!! I want to hear from you give me feedback below!


1 comment:

NeXplicableP said...

I remember when this guy was first arrested and charged with infecting numerous people with HIV. Knowing he has served his allotted time is not enough to warrant probation and release from prison. The sentence was supposed to rehabilitate the actions that caused him to be locked up in the first place. If the doctor determines that rehabilitation has not taken place, he should not be released to go out and commit the same crimes again.
I agree with the judges decision to keep him locked behind bars.

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