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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What's Crack'n Peoples!

Dig it its Wednesday the hump day baby! Now I have to release some steam when it comes to the stupid ass common wealth laws in VA. 1st- Your taxes suck how are you gonna tax someone 4x's State, Fed, Local & Personal Property (This is some Bullsh@t!)

2nd check these laws you get a ticket if you swear on the beach (yup u heard me right!)or on the street in Virginia beach now aint that some bobby! Also if you get a speeding ticket you have to pay (Drum Roll) "Five Hundred Dollars!" yup you heard me right and seen what I said I am NOT lying.

Well on my BDay ventures mr Weezy "Wayne Royale" went out this past Saturday and while on the road had a episode with the cops But I was on some Belly ish haha drivin like Ox(DMX Character)but GOD somehow had my back and I got out of it but just wait till you hear how... (see vid below) Anywho, they was giving tickets to "EVERYONE" (Hell prob you too if u call them long distance that night lol) they gave tickets to the blind for not seeing, birds for chirping senior citizens for crossing the streets, dogs for sniffing their nuts , cats for licking their paws, meanwhile not catching one real criminal.

In the video below you can even see them stop this girl for not coming to what they call a complete stop on a empty ass road which we witness because we was right behind her (Thats some bullshit!)

Now come one VA!!!!!!!!!!! After reading the above mentioned and come stay 1 month here in VA and you tell me if I'm lying! Just like errwhere people are people some cool some assholes & some straight corny and some heaven sent.

Anywho dig it check the video below and have a great day hope this made you smile, think and was entertaining.

Signing off your Boy Boy "Cool V" the industry Insomniac!

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