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Friday, April 30, 2010


Dear Guru,

You have touched my live and effected many others who have heard your music, seen your show, met you in passing or felt the effects you left on the game. You inspired MC's to push the envelope and experiment beyond the regular James Brown or disco sample. Because of you MC's learned who Chaka Khan, Bob James, Miles Davis, Gill Scott Heron, Joe Sample and other hot Jazz artists. If you didn't pioneer this style there would have been no De La Soul, Native Tongues, Mos Def, Common etc...

It was you who always balanced Hip Hop on the smooth tip man I miss you! Guru you took us on a real journey and always taught us to Never To Sell out. (See Mass Appeal to Skillz) Your music had depth it's very seldom when you can see such a diverse body of work that still is prevalent "TODAY!" We are honored and truly blessed to have had you here on earth teaching us and guiding us well will miss you deeply but your impact shall remain FOREVER!

R.I.P - We Will Miss You Dearly!!

Oh Yeah This Is Most Def Official You Heard The Whistle!
Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

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