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Monday, April 19, 2010


Good Morning Peoples!

1st I must say thank you to all my new friends up here on Facebook also to all of my supporters and family that have held me down threw the years! Facebooks a beast! I tell you you gonna find not only your friends by you momma yo cousin pookie dem and the kitchen sink lol But seriously I wanted to tell you to greet this week with a smile and to remember if you alive to read this message your truly blessed.

Don't take life for granted because life is NOT promised rather a blessing we recieve "EVERYDAY!" Cherish it! Life's NOT perfect nether is ANY of US! Including myself lord knows I have made a ton of mistakes along the way but everyday I learn and what truly matters and what I value change daily as it should for you because life is all about growing NOT staying the same or complacent it's like Outcast said get up-get out- and do something! "Don't Let Life Pass You By!" Do NOT be afraid to try do what you always wanted to do no matter what you think people may say or think of you. Because its not what man thinks but it's only what GOD think THAT MATTERS! As long as your NOT hurting anyone-else DO-YOU!

Don't worry about coulda-shoulda or whoulda - It's what you gonna do now that matters! Yesterdays the past Today's the Present & Tomorrows the future what are you living in? I am NOT just telling this I am applying this to my own life as well so in short people have a great week be encouraged be your own cheerleader do something nice for yourself take time out for yourself and ENJOY LIFE!

Because- It's Not How You Start Off in life nor the obstacles you face but how you finish is what truly matters be blessed and have a safe week an remember the less fortunate don't take the blessings you have for granted (Just look at Haiti & Africa and other parts of the country just clean water is a privilege. Some people don't even have a clean place to rest their head or food, family etc Count your blessings!

Have a great week

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

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