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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hey Peoples!

It was a great weekend my my journeys was crazy! 1st Friday Night I was with batman partying hard with models & bottles (pics coming soon) shouts to Darknight Promotions team and yesterday I partied with Wayne Royale at Club GUADALAJARA in VA the mommies was hot music was off the chain and salute to all the cool bartenders.

However people placing a rope in the middle of the dancefloor and making a VIP is tre TACKY NOT a good look! Otherwise it was cool. Now dig it whycome when I was coming home I beat a ticket! Yessir ya boy boyee "Cool V" beat "THE MAN" I was swurving threw lanes at 85 MPH NY driving son and when pulled over my excuse was..

"Sorry Officer I have to take a S@#t real bad and I can't mess my cream suit up It won't happen again sir!" (Looking all nerdish and acting like he was deboo) ...AND THAT SHIT REALLY WORKED!!!!!! So what did we lean from this a shit beats shit ALL DAY! lol Anywho peep the before & after Video (During was too grownfolks for yawl we did like my parna Donaeo in the UK "Party Hard"

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