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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Behind The Scenes look at Masta Ace & EDO. G's soon to be released video for "Little Young"; including appearances from DOITALL (Lords Of The Underground), Roman Oben (NFL's San Diego Chargers) and Masta Ace's do it yourself Grill Kit.

Directed by Steven Tapia Masta Ace & EDO. G (A&E) "Arts & Entertainment" in stores 11-3-09

As some of you know, the "First 48" spoof that Ace and EDO debuted a few weeks ago was met by a "Cease & Desist" letter from "A&E" cable network, which prompted the "First 48" video to be pulled and also quelled plans the duo had of releasing a second promotional video ("Intervention") for the project; which will now unfortunately go unseen. The "Cease & Desist" from A&E also prompted a change in release date for the project, below is a statement from the label and the group on "A&E's Ceast & Desist" letter.

Masta Ace & Ed O. G's highly anticipated collabo album "Arts & Entertainment" has been pushed back to a 11-3-09 street date due to an issue with the album's art work.

Originally dubbed as A&E, the change came at the request of A&E Television Networks, which is not affiliated with the group or the album.

"A&E Television Networks expressed some concerns that the imagery of the album would be confused with their brand. Given that we have nothing to do with the network or their programs, we were happy to comply with their requests," said Traffic Entertainment Group A&R Charley Greenberg. "Masta Ace and Ed O. G have a terrific album, and I'm sure their fans will be happy to wait a few more weeks for it." Masta Ace reiterates “It’s unfortunate that we got pushed back, but sometimes unexpected things happen. We both love the A&E Network and watch a lot of the programming. This is only a small setback, we want the Network to be okay with everything before we blast off with this great music.”

The video for the album's first single "Little Young" is set to debut in the very near future.

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