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Thursday, October 8, 2009


What's Poppin Peoples!

Here are 2 new released tracks from my homie Coolie High’s up coming mixtape “Westbound & Down" mixed by "DJ Age" the first track Coolie High brings the newly formed group L.A.D.W.P. which includes (Coolie High, XL Middleton, & Lefty Knuckles)

L.A.D.W.P. - Smashing ft Genesis Ian Download "Here"

The second track is called Same Ol Shit featuring 1/3 of Dr Dre's production team the Lab Ratz “Mr Kushington” as they let people know that nothing has changed because they have been on the same ol shit using the instrumental and a sample of 50 Cent’s When It Rains It Poor’s.

Coolie High - Same Ol Shit ft Mr Kushington Download

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