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Friday, February 20, 2009


Hey Family!

Just a few days ago I posted the question. "W.D.F" happened to "Chris Browns management? Today (So What I'm Late)It has come to my attention that Chris Browns camp has hired the help of Mel Gibson's damage control "PR TEAM" to assist them in rebuilding Chris Browns image. Yeah I know what all of yaw are thinking...Why in the?...this made me do a Homer Simpson D'oh! That had to be the most asinine strategic move in the world on their part. It's a shame that they would hire the same race that's set out to bury this young mans career.(I apologize If this offends you) To all my people who know me know that I'm far from a racist I'm an equal cuss your ass outer but back to the problem which is.... We Are NOT living in a everyman is treated equal world don't get it twisted just because Obama has been elected as our president don't mean Racism don't exists. Don't believe me? Think we are just bitching, well dig this.

Just a couple of months ago a man was shot and killed innocently in a train station while handcuffed in front of several witnesses. In other news a cartoonist who worked for a major publication drew a racist picture of our leader and president Obama being depicted a "monkey" which has been a known racist stereotype that the KKK used for years. Freedom of the press my ass hell just a year ago a young lady who was only 16 made a anti Bush Myspace page and was hailed off to jail how about the old lady who's son was killed in Iraq who created a petition that had hundreds of thousands of signatures protesting the war was arrested right on the steps of the White House" People we just elected the 1st black president and by no means are we out the woods for example "BLACK HISTORY MONTH?" Question do any other race have one month for their history as oppose to just being their race 365 days a year 24-7? Why do we need a month to celebrate our blackness? (Don't get me started) Any-who, to know this country America a country that's suppose to be "The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave".(Cough BS cough) America has only been free for 2 seconds and we still have a long way to go! We all just exhaled, that's all! (Don't Get Me Started!) People, we have a LONGGGGGGGGG way to go! Now, as for Mr Brown (what's up with the Browns by the way and why is it that every brother that's a entertainment celebrity with that same last name turns into a woman beater is beyond me) he is still a young man who was snatched from his youth to entertain "US". His people (his staff)has seriously failed him as well as Rihanna's. What do I mean? Well for starters why in hell did their people let the two of these high profile celebrities go out unsupervised? Secondly where was each of their security guards at? Where in Davy Crocetts locker was their chaperone's? And Where in the Bobby Booshay was Chris Brown's publicist once all this shit hit the fan? It's incredible how our loyalty change one any of one our faces flash across the news screen with bad press then *poof* we instantly become public enemy number 1#! (and that's even with-out the trail) Once again I do not condone nor support what was the obvious (A Ho Down Ass W but in all fairness if we are gonna fry one then fry them ALL! Let's Not make Chris the spokesperson and let society use him as their young blacks is bad posterboy because all that does is reinforce the stereotypes that they have already placed in society. Also brothers stop the Bullshit and insecurity and being bitch ass niggas whooping on women because if ANY woman should bring you to that point. I'm going to keep it simple "STEP"! They hate that more anyway because No woman wants to be ignored. (Real Talk)

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog how in star-blazers is R Kelly a convicted rapist with a known history of rape still get a pass including a full documentary The Chronicles of Mr Kelly(excuse me) I mean the "Pissumentary" can still rome the streets free even after he warned us all don't remember well here's a refresher(My Minds Telling Me No....But My Body's Telling Me Yessss, I don't Wanna Hurt No Body.....) Then to top that shhh off the nigga got the nerve to write a song called "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number".... What Tha? Don't yaw remember that this is the same negro who went on BET with Aaliyah and told the entire world how he was in love with Aaliyah and how they just got married. (Oh Yeah This Brother didn't Loose His Memory) It's amazing how we can just blame the artist or in his case the victim. I his cases I have to ask WDF is wrong with the parents? Back in the days you used to get the screw face to the 100th power If you went out with a girl between 2-3 years younger than you and here it is that this pee pee boy can go out with a chick young enough to be his grandchild. I guess money can buy you anything hell it bought OJ freedom .......well for a while at least (INCREDIBLE Stupid Ass Negro!) I'm appalled and surprised that these kids have a price. But instead of us questioning the parents of ALL of R-Kellys victims we stupidly in-turn focus on his victims talking bout they looked like they knew what they was doing. (Did they?...Hymmmm from the film I saw it looked like a learned process like she was trained to me.

What we should have done is remembered that this nigga has a consistent record and is NOT sorry for his crimes and slapped his piss happy ass in jail and told him "Step In The Name Of Love! (Period end of story! Yeah I said It) There is NOOOOOOOO reason nor excuse for a grown ass man to be messing with no teenagers. Now on another note you have the "HOE OF THE CENTURY" a.k.a "SUPER-TRAIN" oh my bag "Super-Head" Karrine Steffans looking like she's one of the golden girls WDF? If this slut can screw the world blame her parents leave her child with her mother and still continue to do so, write a tell all book and still be looked on as the victim we are either smoking some real good shit these days or either full of it. (You Pick) Hell maybe Chris need to reach out to both of their publicists for a unbeatable combination that will surely clear his name. Because thier publicists just got threw walking on water with these two. (Pee-Pee-Boy + Slut-Master). On that note before we judge either of them remember (Chris & Rihanna) remember that they are still kids and both of their parents need to do some serious talkin also some serious in-house cleaning in regards to both of their camps to ensure this never happens again!


Conflicting Reports on the Chris Brown/Rihanna Case

Feb. 18, 2009 – If you were hired to fix the Chris Brown media fiasco, what would you do? Some say if you hit a woman you’re screwed! But we don’t really know what happened. Brown has hired Alan Nierob, a top crisis management expert to help stop what seems like the end of the world for the singer.

Nierob has helped Mel Gibson, remember that little anti-Semitic speech? Many predicted that Gibson was dead but he’s slowly managed to be forgiven, at least, by some.

It was Nierob who told Gibson to tell the truth about his rant in his famous interview with Diane Sawyer.

If there is hope for Brown, and really, I can’t see it, he needs to be honest. If he hit girlfriend Rihanna on Grammy night, he needs to come clean. The problem is everything he does musically from here on end has to be 10 times better than anything he’s done so far to counter-act with the huge majority of folks who could turn their back on him for life. – by John Beaudin

Feb. 20, 2009 - In one corner we hear that Chris Brown and Rihanna are talking and getting back together, in the other, Brown is being warned that his felony charges could get more serious. Though the latter seems more realistic. If he did hit her and they reconcile then it’s safe to say both of their careers may be in trouble.

E! News is reporting that Brown threatened to kill Rihanna and then strangling her until she passed out. There have been whispers of an "attempted murder" charge but with only two witnesses to the event, Brown and Rihanna, that’s unlikely.
Let’s hope this doesn’t not turn out to be as unhealthy and drawn out as Whitney and Bobby. – by Chas Dordie

These stories reported by "Rock History Book" click "here" for story.

Be Easy!

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