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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Before Christopher Wallace's untimely passing he introduced his own Brooklyn inspired line of clothing titled, Brooklyn Mint. With an upcoming feature film on the way, Biggie still lives on with a number one album and a movie slated to premiere at the end of the year. The rap legends mother, Voletta Wallace is carrying on her sons fashion ambitions with the Notorious fashion line in addition with the re launch of Brooklyn Mint.Rick Edwards is the marketing director for Notorious clothing and states that the new addition to the Christopher Wallace inspired brand does more than separates itself from the existing Brooklyn Mint line. "It more than separates itself from the other line because we are re launching an existing line. However the designs for Notorious are less image driven than Brooklyn mint," says Edwards.

Brooklyn Mint remains to be a wildly popular urban brand for young men with its graffiti and airbrushed urbanized designs of Biggie. However the new Notorious line has items for both men and women while capitalizing on the late rappers suave trademark style. "It's trendy, fashion forward and is very obviously influenced by Brooklyn and Biggie," says Rick Edwards. "The brand will definitely be in tune with the streets just like Biggie was."

Jay Z, Diddy, 50 Cent, LL Cool J and Eve, are all rappers that have ventured off into the fashion world with their own labels of urban clothing. Nevertheless the marketing director for Notorious clothing states that it is more than another rapper brand. "We have a very dynamic design team and the brand in comparison to any other urban label we will be stylish, sexy and unique while remaining to be rich in design. So far every stylist that has seen our spring line is really impressed with the detail of the garment and the colour schemes. Notorious is a brand that is in the legacy of biggie but we are launching it as any other brand that's out there, our goal is to be a fashion brand not just a rapper brand," says Edwards.

Fashion remains to be a major aspect of Hip hop culture and the influence Christopher Wallace had on not only on music but in the fashion world still leaves an impact.

"Fashion is a very relevant part of our culture and Notorious as well as Brooklyn Mint will continue Biggies legacy but also add to it," says Edwards. "I'm from Brooklyn so Biggie inspired me tremendously. I know every word verbatim from the underground mix tapes to his classics. I am not only personally honored to be part of his legacy but I'm also a tremendous fan of him as an artist," Edwards proudly states.

With several greatest hits compilations that debuted on the charts at number one and a movie in the works, the Notorious clothing line is just another outlet for a worldwide legion of fans to not only commemorate the passing of Brooklyn's fallen solider but to celebrate his unique style.

"Biggie was a fashion icon and he was fly. He came from the gutters of Brooklyn but at the peak of his career you could see him in the Versace suits and we are trying to translate that with the brand," says Edwards.
Notorious Clothing & Accessories 7401 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046-7514 Contact Phone: (323) 651-2588


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