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Friday, March 17, 2017

Hard Hitting on #NetFlix!

Are you Green with envy? Not only is today St. Patrick's Day. No Irish here. Sorry we don't celebrate but we have some green and yellow to celebrate. This Friday, Netflix releases another one of their highly anticipated Marvel Netflix series following up DareDevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage with Iron Fist. Rounding out the formation of a street level Avengers like team known as the Defenders for the smaller screen. Comic aficionados will know Iron Fist and Luke Cage "Power Man" to be the duo known as Heroes For Hire.

So far most critics have not gave positive reviews but Netflix only permitted critics and media outlets to only see 6 episodes of the season. As a fan and critic as well and from experience with viewing Netflix's Luke Cage that the series could still be worth watching as we will have an additional other 6 episodes of the series. While some are on the fence of Finn Jones casting of Iron Fist (The ‘Iron Fist’ White Savior Controversy: Creator and Stars Respond to the Backlash-- READ MORE HERE). Some feel given the current times that Marvel might have missed their chance for diversity to cast the character of Iron Fist which yes it worked in the 70's Kung Fu movie era to make the Iron Fist a white male with mystic Kung Fu super power but we are in 2017 so making on of Asia or Asia America's rising stars as the hero might have been a better idea. And just with the prior Marvel Netflix series, the show also bares the burden of having to tell and also modernizing the origins of the superhero to both fans and newcomers not familiar with heroes such as Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Besides the other remaining episodes of Iron Fist that were not up for review as they premiered with the series today, there is plenty of reason to watch the series such as Rosario Dawson who as the Night Nurse does a stupendous job being support to the street level heroes being instrumental in all the Marvel Netflix series. Another detail noticed is another breakout character is Colleen Wing who is a martial arts teacher and finds herself uniting with Iron Fist to defend New York from the criminal element and the evil ninja organization known as the Hand. Have a good weekend, be safe, don't drink too much this Friday and definitely add Iron Fist to your Netflix cue list!

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