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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Reappearing film you been waiting for #NYSM2 Sneak Peak Review | @nysmmovie @lionsgatemovies

Magical Rain, Sprinklers, Strobe Lights, where reality meets magic! What?! Cool V's TV states this film puts the unthinkable on the level with reality in the revolutionary millennium. From start to finish, Now You See Me takes you on a epic suspense ride of tricks. "Right to the end, clever but I knew something was up when they started throwing people off the plane." Quoted by: review Host - @Murdockhd of #TheNEXT #CoolVTV

#TheNext, #CoolVsTV gives 5 stars to the movie that takes mind bending adventure beyond fascination, @Lionsgate Movies presents Now You See Me #2.

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