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Monday, June 6, 2016

#Innovation - #Imagination - #Inspiration - #MrOW - #MusicMonday #MogulMonday Announces 2016 #CLIOAward Deadline - June 17th 2016 | @CLIOAwards

Creating Music in Advertising CLIO Awards 2016 It's #MogulMonday, time for some industry tips, #MrOW (Mr Official Whistle aka Cool V) #MusicMonday highlights Innovative, Imagination, inspiration for #NewMusic and its Branding. If you have not noticed yet, Branding is everything, and now with technology and fast pace revolutionary virtual world, #creativity is #Key. As we tell our clients, "It's gotta be Epic!" So here are some tips to do just that! Keep in mind way out different and out of the box is a necessity if you want to stick out from the rest. CLIO Image and CLIO Music have kept in mind what it takes to be Innovative and inspiring in today's world as they get prepped for 2016 Awards to be held in New York. Take a look at last years CLIO commercial ;)

Branding #NewMusic Tips * Be Innovative - do something different * Creative - use your imagination when creating your ads / campaigns *Inspiration - be inspired by what ever catches your eye (even if out the box) * Attract - make sure to capture all audiences making your ads / campaigns easy to access and view on net & mobile For more Branding assistance - our Behind the Scenes #TheNEXT Branding Team Executives #MrOW (Mr Official Whistle aka Cool V) & #JuelofRome, we will continue to share more tips ongoing on #MusicMonday #MogulMonday and #TipTuesday, so stay posted. If you are in need of more Branding, Marketing, PR services you can contact us here: "It's Gotta Be Epic, Lets Make History Today!" Lets get started & click the link here! #TheNEXT, #MrOw, & #JOR team wants to remind all inspiring Artist with #NewMusic, if you have killer ads / campaigns, make sure not to miss the deadline to enter cause you deserve the recognition for your Imaginative Designed campaigns. Also stay posted as, we will be following up with full coverage of this years CLIO Awards 2016.
Wednesday, September 28th @ American Museum of Natural History - New York City CLIO Image and CLIO Music will be incorporated into the 2016 CLIO Awards. *More information to come.

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