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Monday, June 20, 2016

Music’s Revolutionary Break, drops Its First Launch! - #MusicMonday #MQM #US2UK | @RatedNextRadio

Rated Next Radio Network - #MQM Distribution Infographic #RN Radio Network Presents #US2UK International Heat! Music & Marketing Industry Vet Cool V aka Mr Official Whistle, Founder & CEO of #RNRN releases #MQM(Millennium Quad / the 4 M’s - Music, Monday, Mixdown, Mixtape) Global Rated Next Radio Network’s first conglomerate project of its kind. In the fast pace millennium changing Industry, Cool V took action to bring Music’s Distribution epic. #RNRN will report Monthly real time feedback to Industry labels, with the focus to open more Music industry growth across the globe. One of hundreds of #RNR Networks global DJ’s - DJ Redman, a UK All Genre DJ & Owner of Beat-Rate Radio UK brings this fascinating project out with a BANG in 3 Mixtapes total, titled: Hip Hop Moods Mixtape Vol II, featuring International Heat from the US to the UK. The Product’s Releases #MusicMonday June 20th, 2016 for Global Promotion, on Mixcrate, Mixcloud, Youtube, and portals across the globe for all to enjoy! History is in the making, bringing Revolutionary Breaking Heat & Music Branding at its best. In need of something different and innovative to bring impeccable music back to the forefront, the time is now, and Rated Next Radio Network has taken every component within the realm and in the development of the #MQM and its distribution. Bringing in Creative New Talent from across the globe from the vast developed networks of RNRN, to delivering quality product & the Needs to Music Labels and fans alike, this will bring Music heat back on the map! The official first #MQM release, From the US to the UK International Heat will give music lovers a welcoming return, and is promised to KNOCK! #US2UK - #International Heat History In the Making @RatedNextRadio Global Network

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