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Thursday, March 10, 2016


What's Crack'n Peoples!

Whatup people "HERE WE GO AGAIN!" ( In DMX Voice) can this hot thot please SIT DOWN!  I understand her marketing ploys and how sex sells but lady you have a child.  I never understood the hype or the talent behind her just knew she had a pretty face and decent body. The only clain to fame I ever knew about her was she had sex with Ray J and sleep with alot of rich men then eventually married Kanye West.  

She has to know her place I'm Sorry Bette Midler is a OG who earned her respect as well as Ellen Degenres both who had some words for her about her latest shananigans ( Her Nude Selfie she leaked on Social Media) see the uncensored photo "HERE".

Now Bette Midler and Ellen made some valid points Molly Cyrus and Amber Rose can have a seat because Molly let's not remember your outfit for your performance naked with a dildo  "SEE HERE" and yet you used to be on Disney and was a teenage idol #Message sit yo ass down!!!!! And Amber your still following Kenye with fake love for Kim K your ny girl and I think your cool I even gave you a pass on the DJ show but for this one you can sit down your a HOT THOT too!

Now back to earh for some genuine concerns Bette Midler and Ellen Chimes in on Kim see what Bette Midler said "HERE" and her response after Kims Comeback response "HERE" 

What is crazy is we was distracted on International Womens day and I agree with Ellens response because as a celebrity you have a responsibilty to your consumers also don't forget their are KIDS on these social networks and that look up to you and will follow what you do but no worries Kim you have a daughter who's going to mimic you or hate you when she gets older. #SadButTrue and for this news to break the internet how sad have we become as a nation when there is truly bigger fish to fry!  This gets the #UNOFFICIALWHISTLE we have gots to DO BETTER!

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