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Saturday, March 26, 2016

@DCCOMICS World's Finest Clash!!! Batman battles Superman in Batman Versus Superman!

Finally after decades, we get what we have been waiting for the Caped Crusader versus the Last Son of Krypton. DC releases Batman Versus Superman, the Zack Snyder directed follow up to the Man of Steel. Taking place 2 years after the events of Man of Steel, we see the fallout of the battle Superman had with General Zod as we see in the movie Batman/Bruce Wayne's side of Battle of Metropolis and understand his motivations for taking down Superman, the emergence of Wonder Woman, upcoming Justice Leaguers such as the Flash and Aquaman. Watching this movie in IMAX and 3D is a visual treat but the story which fleshes out DC's cinematic universe is filled with easter eggs, flashback and flash forward scenes of what is to come.

Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman did not disappoint. Costume design wise we get the closest version of Batman from the comics, he has cool gadgets, Batmobile, very stylish Wayne Manor lake side house, amazing detective skills and martial arts skills and an amazing Batcave. The movie actually makes both Batman and Superman human. Is Superman right for every action he takes and is there a genuine concern for what an alien with super strength, heat vision, icy freeze breath, xray vision and flight could do if left unchecked? And Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor so far is a good twist and interaction of the villain.

It's a three hour movie which story-wise gives a lot of build up but towards the end there is a pay off of action and drama that movie goers will be eagerly on the edge of the seats.

To coincide with the movie in the comic, Bruce Wayne returns in the current DC New 52 as Batman with renew strength and skills and new costume to fight alongside Commissioner Gordon who has took up the costume of a police authorized Batman who possess a Batarang gun and a Bat-mech Robo suit to fight the insidious Mr. Bloom. And Superman regains his powers after being powerless for several story acts and having his identity outed by a new threatening technological villain.


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