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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Justina unveils her latest video “That Ring” and displays another layer of her incredible voice.  “That Ring” is a stirring tale of heartbreak and a failed relationship.  In the video the story of young love plays out in memorable scenes displaying the emotional roller coaster of ups and downs that couples experience.  Take a look at the new video here Justina "That Ring".

Recently Justina had the internet on fire with a remix of “Royals” featuring herself, Brat and Babs.  Click here Justina"Royals" Remix  just in case you missed it.  Hands down she is one of the hardest working artists around right now.  She recently completed a tour of the Midwest and east coast with Hi-Rez and last month she had a very successful, 27 city national college tour with Mike Stud.  

Her debut EP Valentine features “That Ring” along with other great songs, “Lord Have Mercy” and “Change A Man”.  Her previous video “Unbelievable” debuted a few weeks ago on Justina Singer's Room and the “Halloween” video aired on MTV, VH-1 and CMT!  This diverse performer shows no evidence of slowing down. 

 To find out where Justina will be performing next please visit her website  

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