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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Batman is that dude. After having a success trilogy of Chris Nolan movies that made us forget how bad the Joel Schumacher movies were, Warner Bros games & Rocksteady had successfully put out two Batman: Arkham games which are really great Batman games. I can't remember any Batman game that epitomized the essence of who Bruce Wayne, Batman aka Gotham's Dark Knight really is.  Now, this year Warner Bros Montreal has been given full reign of the Batman Arkham series in which they followed up Batman Arkham City with a prequel of Batman Arkham Origins.

I have yet to play the game but from seeing the trailers I was excited for the return of the Joker, Bane, Penguin & various Batman rogues gallery enemies which the new inclusion of a new female Copperhead, Deathstroke, Firefly, Lady Shiva & more time with the Black Mask as the main villain (although I have a feeling that Joker may a larger roll in the game). After seeing various reviews, I feel like Batman Arkham Origins may be a great game but I can wait until the hype dies down.

While we do play a younger, grittier, inexperienced Batman who is 2 years into his career who is considered an enemy vigilante by the Gotham PD & is considered to be a urban legend by Gotham City. This game focus on Batman meeting the Joker for the first time & as well as his various adversaries. And the villainous Gotham mob boss, the Black Mask has placed a 50 million dollar bounty on the Bat's head which in turn as has called 8 different assassins to Gotham during Christmas night to kill the Batman.

But overall the game does seem to have a larger game world than that of Batman Arkham City but essentially feels like Arkham City with the Batwing fast travel system, a few new villains, & an empty Gotham City. So, I think Batman Arkham Origins may make a great stocking stuff for Christmas coming up or somebody's birthday but I would wait until the price goes down before buying this game. Or not unless you are an absolute Batman fan & that doesn't matter.

Check out the IGN video review of the game down below. Big shouts to our friends over at IGN! 

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