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Sunday, December 5, 2010


What's Crack'n People! 

Imagine the graphics and animation of "The Matrix" or "Lord Of The Rings" the action of "The Terminator" or "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" now imagine the suspense "Jonah Hex" and visual effects of "Ghost Rider" rolled into on remarkable film and you have "The Warriors Way"! Now I am a huge action film but a shrewd movie critic because some of the story lines either suck or the film doesn't live up to the hype of the commercial trailer. Well I'm happy to say this film lives up to the commercial hype and then some!

I give it a two thumbs up the effects was crazy and the fighting scenes was incredible. Now don't go expecting to get a true ninja insight film because that's not what this film is about rather more a East meets the Wild West. It had all the gun slinging action you would expect from a cowboy movie with all the Kung Fu you would go to expect from an action film.

I went go go see this film with my homie "Wayne Royale" because we are to action flick junkies so we had been talking about this film every since their company contacted me with the trailer. (Shouts to Emily) we have been anticipating its debut. We wanted to see the film so bad we went at 10:30 AM on a Saturday and for you guys who don't know "V" is "NOT" A Early Bird on any Saturday because that's the day I usually get to sleep in "Not to mention I didn't go to bed until about 4 A.M" matter a fact I was woke up by my partner Wayne pounding at my door and we almost missed the beginning of the film but courtesy of "V's School Of Driving" we arrived there safely and it on time  ( What's incredible about that is that we missed our exit and only had 8 minutes to make it to the theater!) and I even spent an extra15 bucks getting some popcorn and a drinks (WDF) man how times have changed! Anywho, I will say we walked out pumped and entertained and I forgot how much that we spent on the movie nor did we care!  We where happy campers and will most def go see that flick again this is one of them when you where little after you watched it you pretended you was one of the character flicks!

So if your into action, Kung Fu flicks or film with superior graphics  "The Warriors Way" is a sure fire film to go see! Check the web or your local papers to see times and locations it's a rated R film the violence scenes was not to bad no excessive gore or murder scenes just your regular "Ninja Assasin" flick minus the excessive CI graffics.

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