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Sunday, December 5, 2010



What's Crack'n People!

It's crazy how "Hype" is controlling everything these days from radio to TV into the way we perceive things and each other these days. Have we learned anything from last year? You would think after the Bush administration and after the Wall Street Scandal its a shame how we are so gullible these days. We no longer use our heads "Today" we seem to fall for "Everything"! Have we forgotten to use our brains or common sense or will we fall for anything? I am NOT trying to talk gloom and doom but today we have went crazy and I can prove it let me give you some examples we seen Bush admit there were no weapons of mass destruction yet we still believe that the terrorists was responsible for 911 (Cmon) even when engineers and government officials informed us otherwise see here & here hmmmmmmmm I smell a rat!  We also see "Lil Wayne" and "Baby" (Cash Money Records) kiss each other right on the mouth and still convinced that there is nothing gay about it (see here) and ( here ). Or how about us seeing the proof about "Rick Ross" and still people are NOT convinced

What about these reality stars or video groupies who have gotten success for nothing at all Ray J & Kim KardasianKarrin Steffans, I could go on & on from but you get the point this is not the era of "Keeping It Real" rather "Gimmicks R Us" from fake boobs, a**es and fake it till you make it. Don't believe me? Just turn on BET or MTV and watch most rap videos and you'll see the fake persona's. This has transcended into life causing dyer consequences. The results are are young men are going to prison faster that ever, sexual abuse is at a all time high, teen pregnancy has gotten so normal its now entertainment. (see here) The media has made fools of you all and what's shocking is its at OUR EXPENSEThis is getting out way of hand!!!!

In business it seems all you have to is lie about your service or brand and there are no BBB repercussions. Because it's all in the wording and if you got a great publicist or lawyer you can practically get away with anything these days (See R Kelly) or if your a crooked laywer or a cop (see here) no one is held accountable these days. I just got a email on my facebook account that read:

I am NOT trying to hate nor discredit because I am all for people making their money but I also know times are hard and just warning you of clever marketing ploys and trying to say people read the fine print! 

WDF is wrong with people these days!!!!!! 1st of all I've been in the industry for over 20+ years and there are NO short-cuts on the road to success ask any successful person and they will tell you they had many a bumps along the way and they always have a storyI can't recall ever being successful at any of my career moves with no work.  What's funny is as usual it NOT what you say but how you say it did you catch the key phrase and disclaimer? Notice they said possibly become a Billboard webtrend and I promise you Billboard has NEVER even heard of them! 

Be careful following people who are nice with photoshop or with the camera I can go anywhere and take pictures all day with celebrities that does not mean I made them famous. To be honest you just need to stop being lazy looking for a get rich quick scheme and just put in your own work YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!!! Stop expecting people to make you famous for two dollars and stop putting the blame on others and take responsibility for your own actions. I am sooooo tired of all this "Hype" just because you have a video, nice Myspace graphics does NOT mean you need an MANAGER, PUBLICIST OR AGENT. Or just because a few people say your nice does not entitle you to a record deal also since when did you become your consumer? How can you tell me what I like before even asking my opinion?  This is just proof the worlds gone MAD and some of you in it!!!

The best way to judge someone is by their actions this goes for business, relationships, family & friendships. It's like the Bible says "You will know a tree by the fruit it bares"  that's "REAL TALK" so don't forget to use your head because common sense is no longer common these days Be Easy!

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V" A.K.A Mr Official Whistle"
"Dream But Don't Sleep!"

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