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Monday, August 23, 2010


What's Crack'n People!

This is truly a sad post I remember  "Maia Campbell" on the TV show "In The House" with "LL Cool J" & "Kimberly Wayuns"used to droll over mommi thinking If I ever met her it's on & popping just like so many other bad honeys round the way I grew up with until that ready rock hit em! She could had a very bright future and could have been the next superstar under the right guidance. This just goes to show that your have to be very careful of the company you choose. I remember seeing her with her topless phone video and the rest just spiralled out of control.

Be careful of the company you keep because this is a classic example!  In other news Former child star turned vixen turned You Tube trainwreck, Maia Campbell has teamed up with Reality TV producer Jaysen “Av Action” Accius to start filming the pilot for a reality series that follows her journey as she attempts to pick up
the pieces of a once beautiful life while dealing with her addictions and Bi Polar Disorder
. Maia and the producers of the show are hoping that this show will aid in giving a voice to the thousands of people diagnosed with Bi Polar Disorder every year and the families, friends and communities that struggle to support them.

I pray this helps her get her life back on track!

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