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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Disclaimer: This is NOT directed to one person or Person(s) nor is it I'm mad at the industry rant. However this is dedicated to all the assholes in this disrespectful generation that thinks people owe them something!

What's Crack'n Peoples!

What up my good people! 1st on behalf of all real cats still breathing I would like to apologize for "EVERY" asshole whom you've met who thinks you owe them something! Forgive them for they know not what they do! It all starts from your home upbringing. Now I came up with that because most of us come from households where your parent(s) or grandmother raised you to work hard for what you got. In turn we wanted our kids to grow up with the things we did not so in turn we ended spoiling them and the value of items depleted greatly! So now they come with the hand out without even saying thank you!

Then media also plays a part in this equation as well the commercials tell you if your hip or not hip, cool or not cool. They make sure your kids an outcast if he/she doesn't have the latest kicks, games or whatever the trend is! This subliminal conditioning is targeted, modified and presented to our kids daily! So when you really think about why they act like they do it's no mystery! This is generation gimmie or I want without thinking they have to work for it. (Well, for some!) I for one (Like most of us) am tired of these lil niglets coming at people like they owe them something without even an once of respect yet want to be respected and taken serious as a business person.

To all you cats reading my blog who are young seeking employment or looking to have an effective networking relationship with any entrepreneur  rule number 1# is - "Business is an exchange of goods & services" which simply means "Both parties walk away with something!"  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop or try to refrain from approaching people crazy !

Ex: Yo You Need to........................ or What can you do for me? last time I checked it should be what can we do for each other and if I help you how can you be of assistance to me? It's not what you say sometimes because I know some of you have good intentions just bad manners. Note: You get more bees with honey!

So to put it short NO ONE OWES YOU NOTHING!!!! Like "Outcast said Get Up Get OUT & DO SOMETHING!" Have a great day love you all!!!!

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