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Monday, August 30, 2010


 "Do Something!"

What's Crack'n Peoples!

I just got off a radio show with my homie "Fertile Spirit" who is mos def a revolutionary in her own rights and wonderful person with a heart of gold. I appreciate the love and the insight as well as some great points that was made on her show by her as well as her guests. The only draw back was when I was trying to making a point of how some of us stereotype or typecast others I was being judged the same way myself.

Now does this offend me NO did it bother me Nope but I had to write this because this posed a question. How come every time there is something positive being done by some people others feel the need to attack? Especially if you didn't position your thoughts or deliver a message the way others they feel you should personally? A great example of that would be Bill Cosby or Oprah Wimphrey with Hip Hop artists and I can go on & on. Is it a lack of security or need to be right that most of us feel we have to do?

I have seen countless preachers, political figures and many others do this and make this mistake time & time again. Why do we judge others? Whether race, sex or moral issues? We all have done so including myself at one point in our life! Why not think and see who we can change our ways instead of providing a line up hate acts for others. Because I had to even put a stop to myself for judging "Katt Stacks" instead of just praying for my peoples instead. Now, I am NOT ever going to stop standing up for whats right ......but lets put action where our mouths is! Because its easy to talk about a problem or discuss what's wrong with the world but its a whole nother ball park realistically facing these problems head on. So to cut to the chase ......either you can be "Part Of The Problem" or "Part Of The Solution .... YOU DECIDE! Be Blessed Peoples!


Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
 The Industry Insomniac!

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