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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It was Sunday @WWE #SuperSlam!!!

NFL has the Superbowl, the NBA has the NBA Finals and the All-Star game and for the wrestling business mainly, the WWE has Wrestlemania which is every year in April. The city of Orlando was host to the WWE for Wrestlemania and WWE Hall of Fame. While no Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (who is currently promoting his new movie The Fate of the Furious- SEE TRAILER HERE and his new HBO documentary- A Rock and the Hard Place---SEE TRAILER HERE) or the Texas rattlesnake himself "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, WWE had current fan favorite and long holding former Tag Team champions The New Day as hosts for the yearly event pay per view held this year in Orlando's Camping World Stadium. The event started with R&B Flame and 2 On singer Tinashe performing the American Anthem with the US Navy flying fighter jets over in a diamond formation.

Tinashe live Snaps from Wrestlemania 33

Even the preshow matches that were free to view on YouTube were awesome Dean Ambrose versus Baron Corbett, cruiserweights Austin Aries versus WWE Cruiserweight champion Neville and the Andre The Giant memorial battle royale where 20 WWE Superstars representing both shows Raw and Smackdown fought for the opportunity to win the prestigious Andre The Giant Memorial award. Close to the end, wrestler Jinder Mahal disrespected NFL player Rob Gronkowski and the "Groc" got involved (SEE HERE) which is customary for WWE to involve some sort of superstar like last year's Ronda Rousey being invited into the ring area by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to stand up to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Smackdown's breakout star Mojo Rawley was crowned the winner of the match.

The main events for Wrestlemania 33 were exclusively on the WWE Network beginning with the aforementioned Tinashe taking the stage who is also currently promoting her newest single, "Flame". Other music stars to perform at Wrestlemania were Stephen Marley, WWE fan Flo-Rida (who this was his third time performing at Wrestlemania), LunchMoney Lewis and Pitbull. The PPV got started with AJ Styles and Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon going at it in a breathtaking performance match. AJ Styles gave his best and so did Shane but the seasoned former TNA and former WWE Champion which AJ Styles who has achieved a few titles reigns in only under a year secured a victory again the risk taking Shane O'Mac.

Another great match was WWE Raw Tag Team Tables, Ladders and Chairs Triple Threat match with Anderson and Gallows, Enzo and Big Cas and Shamus and Cesaro competing for the tag team titles. The hosts of Mania, the New Day before the ref could start the match unexpectedly announced a wild card entrant into the match which turned out to be the return of risk-taking tag team who excel in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs the Hardy Boyz. Brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy are freshly released from their contracts with rival TNA Wrestling. SEE HERE AT UPROXX

The ladies of WWE Raw faced off in a fatal fourway with Ric Flair's daughter Charlotte Flair, the BO$$ Sasha Banks, Nia Jaxx against current Women's title holder Bailey. With Jaxx size-wise being a very formidable opponent forced the trio of Flair, Banks and Bailey to team against Nia to eliminate her first. Then after that the Queen of Pay Per View and daughter of the Dirtiest player in the game, Charlotte slid out of the ring and watched on as Bailey and Sasha squared off but then trying to take advantage of opportunity got involved in the triple threat match and eliminated Banks. With it being down to Charlotte versus Bailey. Bailey retained her win against Charlotte Flair to keep her title. Smackdown's Women's Match had champion Alexa Bliss facing off against the whole female roster of Smackdown including WWE Vet and returing Richmond, VA native Mickie James, the returned Naomi, Carmella, and Becky Lynch. If the saying of homecourt advantage is true then luck favored Orlando, Floridian native Naomi as she picked up the win becoming the new Smackdown Women's champ.

Wrestlemania 33 was definitely well worth the $9.99 per month subscription with other great matches such as Seth Rollins who defied leg injury to finally participate in a Wrestlemania match against WWE COO Triple H. John Cena teamed up with his longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella against former MTV Real World turned professional wrestler the Miz and his wife Maurice with the match being announced by Today Show's Al Roker. Cena made a historic Wrestlemania moment by proposing to Nikki Bella in front of the whole stadium and the world. After a year of methodical planning the Viper Randy Orton enacted his revenge again the Wyatt Family patriarch Bray Wyatt by beating him to win the Smackdown WWE Championship. Orton who had a rivalry with Bray Wyatt ended up playing the ultimate head game by gaining Bray's trust and eventually siding and joining the Wyatt Family won the Royal Rumble where at the same pay per view Wyatt had ended up winning the championship played him by initially swearing not to fight him.

Also at Wrestlemania after winning the WWE Raw Universal Championship by beating Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble, Goldberg and Brock Lesner had their third final confrontation. After suffering two quick losses where Lesner was speared and jack hammer slammed by Goldberg to pin for the win. The Beast Incarnate was deadset not to lose. After sending Goldberg numerous suplexes because Brock prides himself on being Suplex City, this time it was Brock Lesner who came out on top to win the WWE Raw Championship title.

FOR MORE CHECK OUT WWW.COM for results and the full detailed breakdown and also you can subscribe to the WWE Network to watch the replay and any WWE PPV of this year and in the past.

Hampton Road's popular radio station, Z104 one year did a hilarious phone prank using John Cena's theme music


WrestleMania 33 - RELIVE The Ultimate Thrill Ride ONLY on WWE Network!

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