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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What happens when you put @CTFletcherISYMF in the gym with @WWE Superstars @MSTBigELangston, @JinderMahal, & @BraunStrowman

It is no secret that CT Fletcher is a WWE fan. Heck he stands a good chance to go toe to toe with any other the Superstars. His gym in California has been opened to anyone who wants to come to workout including the featured WWE Superstars and even A list WWE Superstar, athletes and movies stars such as John Cena and the Rock. CT Fletcher first came to our attention when we stumbled upon his videos on YouTube.

Being no stranger to the gym myself and even being paired with a personal trainer that had my arms sore for weeks when I first seen CT I thought dude was crazy. Doing bench bicep curls he commanded his arms to grow and pushed pass pain and soreness to make his arms diesel swole. In this video, we see a few current superstars workout with CT Fletcher and he even gives them a run for their money. Definitely check it out and support brother CT Fletcher at his site HERE.

CT Fletcher Interviewed by Stone Cold Steve Austin

Edited and Filmed by Dru Peebles aka Psycho Dru Follow him on

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