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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


"Introducing UK's Newest Sensational"
What'sCrackn People!

You already know #MrOW aka Cool V (Cool Vibez) #MrOfficialeWhistle The #OfficialWhistle always dropping that official heat from the #US2UK the industries #OfficialBrander!  This UK native was brought to my attention by my peeps at +SBTV: Music after hearing her she gave me that familiar feeling when Justo #RIP and Findi first let me hear +NICKIMANAJ VEVO for the first time. I knew after hearing her and seeing her swag and grind that she mos def was headed places in this male dominated industry.  I premiered Nick on my old site Trunk Hustlers ( Which was a the 1st global entertainment networking platform on ning besides THISIS50 that I created  over 10 years ago!) and my peoples Crate Diggers, also in VinylBreakers and MIXSHOWBLASTDJS etc etc...  Bottom line is  It's refreshing to hear a female MC that can hang with the best of them.  At first glance and first listen your immediate thoughts is an comparison Nicki Manaj who heard the whistle when she 1st started.   But don't get it confused this lil UK mama has a lane of her own.  She can also be versatile and because her pops was a dj I think she was groomed early! (#REALTALK) #UHEARDTHEWHISTLE #Official!  

For some time UK rappers have been only killing in their markets but femcees in the UK is NOTHING NEW from Ms Dynamtee, Mz Brat,Shystie, Nolay,Lady Leshurr, Paigey Cakey,Lioness, Baby Blue, ADot to RoXxan etc.. (Those are the ones that truly stand out in my book at least) As #MrOW (#CoolV) #TheOfficialWhistle it'smy job to stay on top of who's #GOTNEXT from the #US2UK and across the globe!  Currently Hip-Hop is in a good place and the era of Femcees is making a comeback and there are some women stepping their bars up.  Because fora minute let's face it when #LilKim slowed down and when Remy Ma was locked up it seemed the only female alive was Nicki Manaj for a minute unless you was overeas then you would have known thats a different story! This Birmingham Native hopped on the scene with killing the mic for more on her background check the @Stefflon Don with CapitalXtra where she explains her beginnings.


You already know that #MrOW (A.K.A Cool V) only cosigns the hottest new artists across the globe hence #TheNext #UHEARDTHEWHISTLE and this artisr is mos def #WhistleApproved.  I have to give a big shoutout to LinkupTV and  SBTV and my dude UKSource for putting me on to this blazing mami. Real women are going to relate because shes 100% real no fake nothing naturally thick diva from the islands so the regular thick chicks will mos def relate to her and her sound is universal. Although she has her own style her vibe is that of nicki in the early 2000's when Myspace was Imeem was around and dominated the music industry wayyyy vefore soundcloud and facebook. Back when the download scene just emerged on the music scene and before the SOPA ca

mpaign and before the crusade after Mixtape deejays for copywright law when BADBOY, FUNKMASTERFLEX, DJ CLUE and DJ Drama (Etc Etc too many to bane ...) was killing the industry with hard to get exclusives and the remix game was MADDDDD


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