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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Super Heros & Villans Co-Existed @StanLeeComicCon #LAComicCon16 #Highlights

#RNRN #CoolVTV Reports a Blast at the Stan Lee Comic Con 2016. The Convention was LIVE, and even if a Villain was in search of its victim, the security was tight, not to mention the Good Vibez and so many talented Cosplay's, with amazing well put together costumes. Everyone in arrival was there in Celebration of a RealLife day in imagination.
Daft Punk Cosplay
The Good Burger Ladies & +tony montana of
Star Wars Cosplay Star Trooper
The Entrance #lit up with the Arrival of Tens of Thousands of Cosplay Anime, Comics, Super Hero's, Villains, and more. Photographers with there hand held or movable Camera Photo Booths were on set, as the whole entrance was a Live Walking Photo Shoot, without the Red Carpet!
The Exhibits were popping with $1 Comic Book Sales, Art Work, Paintings, Figurines, Toys, Vehicles & Props of Movies like Aliens, Back to the Future, The Love Bug, and more. Not to mention the Man himself +therealstanlee had was there to meet his fans and hand out his Million Dollar Signature to his thousands of fans. This is a #RNRN & #CoolVTV Review of #StanLeeComiccon 2016, if you missed this years, be sure to be at the Next one, and get your early Tickets! Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo See Ya There! 💥💨Till Next Time LA Comikaze

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