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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Only One #Event Unites the #World, will record at an #Epic #360degrees on Networks #Globally - 2016 #Olympics in #RioDeJaneiro | @NBCTV

This year's Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will also unusual because the struggles of athletes will be recorded in the form of material 360 degrees. Access to them, however, will be reserved for a highly targeted audience. There will also be live broadcast. NBC, which is responsible for recording events for Rio 2016 decided to quite a controversial move: intends to make recorded their material VR 360 degrees through TV Everywhere users only Samsung Gear VR goggles. In addition, it will be a sharing charge. READ FULL STORY HERE - English Translation Available Let the Games Begin!
The 2016 Rio Olympic Games Begin Tomorrow at 7:30ET only on NBC. For more information: - Like us on Facebook: - Follow us on Twitter: @NBCOlympics - Follow us on Instagram:

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