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Thursday, August 4, 2016

#RCRoomNo8 @RitzCarlton - #London’s Story-Driven Pop-Up | @brandchannel

How Entertaining is the #RCRoomNo8 Experience from fine decorated beverages carried by the most enticing Waiters, and Beautiful women, entering the Grand upscale Ritz Carlton in high fashion. Oh the fine Revolutionized luxurious event, is so divine that we had to share the experience with our readers! :)
Hotel guests often have interesting requests and curious backstories. And many hotel employees have shared with one another stories of the odd and the beautiful over the years. Ritz-Carlton, well aware that guests’ stories and experiences are integral to its own brand storytelling, was inspired to combine the two for a London activation that brought Condé Nast along as a featured performer for the experiential marketing pop-up. In a collaborative effort with British Vogue and GQ as well as visual and sound artists, Ritz-Carlton created an immersive experience called Room No. 8 in a London art studio in June that brought stories shared by guests at its properties worldwide to life.
The multisensory performance event also brought to life the level of hospitality delivered day in and day out by the Ritz-Carlton. Over five days, for eight “shows” a night, a team of actors, audio visual artists, dancers and performers delivered an immersive experience, highlighting some of the most memorable real world stories that depict the level of excellence associated with Ritz-Carlton. Visit or View full article & more pictures here Preview the Experience of Ritz-Carlton Room No. 8

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