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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Whether its Career, Humanity, Spirituality, Family, Friends we all have goals to reach and the #1 Solution to Succeeding is to "Change Your Mind Set!" Thanks to @DrOz & his Friend - Special Guest on today's show 12/29/15 @MichaelStahan - in Second segment of the show - Michael shares how he Wakes up in the morning in a happy vibe to have a Happy Day! (In this Segment, Michael shares his morning Joy, how he wakes to his favorite #tunes and dances his way through his morning to #Shower, #Breakfast, in starting his day!)
1. - Enjoy & appreciate the Present Moment Most of us when sad or upset are due to views of the past or a tragedy! - Train your mind that the past is the past, and if you need to cry, do so, let it all out and embrace it, face your fears, and take the time to educate yourself of your feelings and incidents, most of the time we put more pressure and blame ourselves for others mistakes! To let go sometimes, knowledge of right from wrong can help in this process! 2. - Connects inner purpose with outer effort. Search within your sole for your Purpose, embrace it, and take the time daily in routine & feeding yourself knowledge of the things you need to line up to accomplish your goal! The most important thing is your alive & you are able to accomplish your dreams & goals! YOU ARE UNIQUE, YOU ARE YOU AND NO ONE IS LIKE YOU, SO EMBRACE THAT & BE AWEMAZING! AS YOU ARE LIVE SINCERELY THROUGH THIS EXPRESSION! 3. - Accepts and embraces great challenges. When your mind is Challenged by duties that engage your purpose, then those great virutes, which would otherwise lay dormant, come to life and help you grow into your greatest self! - Awaken the Giant - 4. - Self-disciplined. Choosing the things you have to do whether you like it or not, is self discipline, not everything you have to do are exciting, but with self-discipline, you train yourself to focus and get it done with a great reward of a #stronger #mindset of the task and #accomplishments at the end! 5. - Remains positive and focused through failure. FORGET About Failure! #Trying alone is huge #success whether its to pay off a #debt, get in #shape, start a #business, make a difference in the #world, etc, you have already achieved something wonderful by putting in effort of something worthy! 6. - Filters and channels anger effectively. To be Angry is easy, and Anger can cause more issues for you and everyone around you if not filtered! Put your anger in actions - directing toward specific problems into a productive action plan, rather than solving people or generalized situations. for more info on these resolutions: Visit us: |
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