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Monday, October 13, 2014


Growing up I always had different friends & I never thought much of their color. I just liked them for who they were. Morgan Freeman said the way to get rid of racism is not to talk about. I call you (*your name) & you call me (*my name). POINT BLANK! In 2014, we need to come together more so than anything. A lot of people are made at the president. The Tea Party set out & were definitely successful at making Obama look like a failure. Anyway, I don’t want to get too much into politricks so always look at the bigger picture & what’s not being said. I have been a person who pretty much always wants to see the best in people. I never like to prejudge people & I hate that there has to be prejudice & racism. After the events of Trayvon Martin & Mike Brown, I feel like not just black people but people of every color need to come together & stand strong.

I remember in January, I was coming back from one of my many ventures in Northern VA from seeing a good & special friend of mine. I was pulled over by an racist state trooper & it was late as hell at night. I was dressed up & I still got prejudged. Giving this outrageous BOGUS charge, spent a lot of unnecessary money for a lawyer & just now I’m finally getting over it. While the events unfolded however they unfolded. Spiteful people do what they want to do but I’m a firm believer in Karma so it’ll come back around sometime in life. I consider myself a nice & great man that never hurt anyone & did anything bad to anyone. I won’t let that situation make me bitter. I won’t become a racist & start hating people over that past event. I just want to impart onto people to not partake in any racism.

Leave that shit alone. Value their friends for who they are & love them no matter what color they are. Morgan Freeman is right. Don’t talk about it. Love & be friend of those who do good by you & keep moving. And anyone who doesn’t do right by you & doesn’t like you then FUCK them! Real talk! Have a good night!

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