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Sunday, April 6, 2014


This isn't a blog to diss or discredit Chris Brown. From his first album to now I've been a fan of Chris Brown. Hailing from Tappahanock, VA. Chris showed a lot of potential. From his several albums I always looked forward to an R&B/Pop hit from Breezy. When the whole infamous incident with Rihanna went down I wanted to give CB the benefit of a doubt. I had felt that a lot of ppl treated Chris Brown literally like the next Michael Jackson & was trying to intentionally throw the young man under the bus just as they tried to do with Michael Jackson back in the 90's with the allegedly child molestation case. A lot of ppl villainized Breezy b/c he had beat Rihanna. In no way, do I condone hitting a woman. It just seemed like Rihanna may have got hurt but she benefited from this incident as she did numerous interviews with Oprah & other radio/TV hosts, released albums & songs all the while the legal system was trying to bring the gavel down on Breezy.

And as a celebrity, the public only see what the media chooses to showcase. And whether it's with your life Chris Brown or anything in the news only the bad gets focused on. Seldom are we going to hear about the good being done or the good going on in your life so I know especially you & your trusted few know the whole story so trust & believe there are no judgements here.

A lot of ppl should know that celebrities are always in the public limelight & have an entourage of managers, stylists, bodyguards & their crew. Why in the heck were you & RiRi left alone that fateful night of Grammy's Chris?! I know you are going through it & have been for sometime. I know you checked yourself into anger management. Which was the right thing to do but you have got to change.

I'm writing this letter as a fan & another man that gives a damn. I do not mean to insult your intelligence but ever since the whole thing since Rihanna, the whole world is waiting for you to royally screw up. I've read MediaTakeOut & several different gossip blogs about you hooking back up with Rihanna which at this point has proven herself to be bad for you. You had hope in a relationship with Karreuche which she was more of a ride or die chick then Rihanna. RiRi is too much of an...excuse my attention whore. She would always want you to drop your business go on tour with her & be with her 24/7 which is sometimes understandable bc even regular women want that from men. And this isn't a diss Rihanna blog either.

There was the DC fight, the throwing the brick at your mother's car while checked into the anger management rehab program & then this whole incident that went down while being checked in at rehab. I'm still asking myself how having sex with some of the women that work at the anger management rehab program is a cause for a violation of your legal obligations. I'm no lawyer so I wouldn't know.

However, what I would advice after the dust has cleared from all this drama is maybe to get out of the US. Michael Jackson ended up staying in Dubai & several other countries overseas after the court trial ordeal. At least overseas, your international fans would be happy to have you. You could record new music & still do collaborations while overseas & maybe meet & sign new artists overseas & expand your brand. Why not? It worked for MJ. The only thing that might have did Michael in was coming back to America & dealing with that Dr Conrad Murray. There is still too many unknown factors of what was really the real deal with Michael Jackson's demise but I would advice just getting away from the states & any negativity.

Also, even as a regular man I have dealt with a lot of snakes. The word "friend" is thrown around loosely. You think these ppl have your best interest at heart but when you are going through trouble they are no where to be found. And I think Chris if you think think about it you can realize who wasn't really in your corner when you needed to be to there. I think we as people all go through it & have to realize who are friends are versus the ones who are just there when you are on top & they are waiting for you to fall down. My other suggestion would be is to reevaluate who is a part of your management of Team Breezy & who deserves a place by your side.

They would have tried to keep you out of any trouble situations. Chris you do not need "YES" men/women all the time. I want friends of course who are supportive. Everyone does but just like family, we all need friends who will be there to tell us that we are fucking up. I watched the show Entourage which probably parallels your life & Vincent Chase's friends held him down. I even remember when they told him he was wrong & fucking up. You need this as well Chris.

Even with women, all us men would like to have a female that is that ride or die bitch. We all make mistakes so maybe at first you saw something in Rihanna. Truth be told, I know, your fans know, the world know & maybe deep down you know that Rihanna Fenty is not Mrs Right for you. It may be too little & too late maybe Karreuche was really the one. Or even maybe finding some woman out there that is not a part of the entertainment industry may be the right woman for you. As for the woman part, I don't know. And I can imagine when you get money & are in the limelight that the dating pool becomes much more tougher to deal with. So, I'm not Will Smith's Hitch & even he did not have all the answers.

Again Chris Brown, I love your music. I think you are one cool brotha. I think you should definitely get back on the right track. After you finish this legal business & I pray for the best outcome for you man that after this maybe move up out of America, live overseas & see the world, work on some dope ass music, do some more movies, & just don't let your past dictate your future. Everyone who comes up out of the hood doesn't put in all the work & hustle only to go back. I know you don't want that homie! Value you & leave those skanky hoes around bc like your song says they ain't loyal. Find a good woman & be the best C Breezy you can possibly be. Don't let the world try to do you wrong like they did Michael. Live on for Michael Jackson, live on for yourself & live on for your fans.

Thanks Chris & nothing but well wishes bro!

Wayne Royale- Concerned fellow black man, fan, music cons-osier & writer & blogger

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